880057 – Fit-out

Corsair 880057 has now reached the Fit-out stage, where we step-by-step install the interior, run wires for electric devices, and install the plumbing for the water system. The boat will soon be ready for her final look and will be taken into the QC/QA process.

880055 – Details & QA

The Corsair 880055 is going through the final steps of Fit-out stage with the interiors are gradually completing installation, and the boat is expected to reach the Details and QA stage soon within next week.

880058 – Joining

Corsair 880058 has started construction in June. At the moment, the boat joins its hull and deck for the first time, along with the beamsĀ andĀ floats which are going to join soon at Trimaran factory.

Corsair 320028 – Detail & QA

Corsair 320028 is now moving to the final stage of construction. We are working on the interior and structural detailing of the boat and proceed to quality assurance stage before dispatch. 320028 is expected to be completed in the near future.

880043 – Fitout

The Corsair 880043 has joined of its hull and deck last week and the beam and float have also get to be assembled all together. We are now processing the very first steps of the fitout stage.